Best Practices In Email marketing

Email marketing is highly cost effective, and unlike direct mail or flyer inserts, you can target and track the results. Use this data to segment or target your market based on your recipients’ “click through” stats – which tell you who looked at what information, or clicked through to your website or other online documents. Follow up with highly targeted “segmented marketing” – a “INDUSTRY APPROVED” strategy that delivers results! 

We can create additional pieces of electronic stationery that match your demographics, your areas of interest, or any theme that makes sense for your program.  Additional stationery is priced based on the degree of difference from your original template, and is quoted separately from our regular start-up package.  Contact us to discuss how a segmented marketing strategy can work for you with themed and branded greatBIGnews™ communication pieces that deliver click-through rates to assist segmentation!

Email Marketing customized stationery templates with greatBIGnews for targeted email marketing strategy

Your email communications should match your branded message in appearance, tone, and message.  Your subscribers will look for consistency, and a message that they can trust - so make sure any dated information is delivered with time for the recipient to take action.  Regular reminders should be helpful, not intrusive - don't over do it!

Successful Email Marketers:

  • Develop a one year marketing plan, and stick to it!
  • Use their open rate stats to reach out to both early and late adopters
  • Drill down into their click-through statistics to segment their market by demographics or areas of interest.
  • Send follow up emails to tell each targeted group specifically "what's in it for them".
  • Revise their marketing strategy based on what they learn from their statistics.

We provide email marketing consultations to our travel and business clients on a per/hour basis. We would be pleased to arrange a consultation with you to review your email marketing strategy, your newsletter, and your campaign history. Contact us!

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