Q: You talk about ROI (return on investment). What do you base this on?

A: Some interesting statistics on the power of email marketing, from the Direct Marketing Association report (Nov. 2007) -

Projected return on investment for every dollar spent (USD) –

  • Email marketing - $47.65
  • Non-email internet marketing - $20.19
  • Direct Response Newspaper Ads - $16.86
  • Direct mail - $15.60
  • Telemarketing - $8.61

There is no denying that strategic professional email marketing produces results!

Q: What about Spam and Privacy laws? Do you rent or share email lists? Can we buy email lists from you?

A: greatBIGnews™ is a recognized supplier of permission based email marketing by the various regulatory bodies, and we are fully CANSPAM compliant.  We do not sell, rent, or share our client's email lists. Your privacy, and the privacy of your subscribers is fully secure. We can recommend legitimate list vendors, but do not sell third party lists ourselves.

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