Questions about Getting Started

Here are the most common questions we are asked, when someone decides to add greatBIGnews™ email marketing to their overall marketing strategy:

1. How long does it take to get started?

Usually we can get you "up and emailing" within 3 weeks. Once we get your signed agreement, we send you a list of "design questions" and schedule a discussion with the designer who creates your design, and sends it to you for approval. Once your design is uploaded to your greatBIGnews™ portal and your training session is held, you can start sending emails!

2. How do I create an email list?

You can import email addresses from Outlook, ACT, ClientBase, Lumens, Goldmine or most other email or data collection programs. It is as easy as "cut and paste" or "drag and drop" - or you can manually type them into the interface. Duplicates are automatically removed. We also provide the code for a sign-up box for your website, to help you get more subscribers.

3. What happens to bounced or undeliverable emails?

Bounced or undeliverable emails are filtered and processed within the greatBIGnews™ program. After four hard bounces, the subscriber is automatically removed from your active subscriber list.

4. "Who" shows up as the sender and where do replies go?

You specify the "from name" for each mailing list, and can use your name, your company name, or whatever you choose. You also designate an email address you choose as the "reply-to" address.

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